Forming and storage of the federal fund of forest plant seeds

The Federal Forest Plant Seed Fund is an object of strategic importance, which is an element of the environmental safety of the Russian Federation.

The creation of a federal forest seed fund is provided for by the Federal Law "On Seed Production" in order to guarantee the reproduction of forests in any region of the country in the event of natural disasters or catastrophes, as well as to ensure the reproduction of forests in regions where there are limited opportunities for seed harvesting.

A modern seed storage facility of the federal fund was created in the building of the Federal State Budgetary Institution FBI «RCFH». It is designed to store 25 tons of seeds of the main forest-forming species-pine, spruce, larch for 30 years without loss of sowing qualities. For this purpose, a constant temperature of -18 ° C is maintained in the storage with the use of air conditioners and automation. Each batch of seeds before being stored undergoes separation (cleaning of foreign impurities, removal of empty seeds), as well as drying to an optimal humidity of 5%.

Seeds are stored in an airtight container. A computerized database is maintained on their receipt or release (according to the decision of the Federal Forestry Agency) for the needs of the subjects of the Russian Federation.